Sunday, November 13, 2011

Use - No Organize! Your Stash

Hey everyone! We have an unusual post for you today - but since Caroline is working 12 hour days and 6 day work weeks this is what happens when I am left to my own devices. Instead of presenting you with a challenge to use your stash - I am going to share with you some ideas on how to organize it! This is also the time of year when my craftroom must convert back to a dining space which is highly aggravating but a necessary evil .Now the only dilemma is where to begin??

How about paper? I have a little....a few... stacks which I store in my Jetmaxx cubes.I store my stacks vertically and I write the brand and stack name on the spine. As  you can see I only have a few K and Company stacks ~ it's sad really. I store mostly by brand but some themes I do keep together. I do have one shelf dedicated to baby girl paper.

My seasonal paper is not stored with the rest of my stacks  - I store it in a buffet drawer but I use recycled flat rate boxes to organize it. LGuild from the Cricut messageboard has a great post on how to do that here. My 8x8 stacks are stored in a Really Useful Box from Staples on top of the rest of my cubes. 

As far as cartridges go, mine are stored in my Cgull bag and the boxes are stored in a tote in the basement where my husband can never count them ~ I mean ~ where they are out of the way. My bag was getting just a wee bit full so I recently purchased two of the ArtBin cartridge organizers, one for my seasonal carts and one for lites and project/event carts. I didn't think these were a necessity but they freed up some space in my bag and two of them fit inside the bag width wise. 

I also happen to be one of those people who absolutely still needs the books, and mine are stored in my buffet drawer using Okie's system that she has a video about here

My only advice is to use extra adhesive on the tabs because they do not stick very well. And we can move onto stamp storage. I store my studio G stamps in a large binder meant in sleeves meant for baseball cards. 

I found them at the dollar store and already had the binder so this was a very inexpensive storage solution! My other stamp sets I store in mini binders I also found at the dollar store - organized by what made sense to me. 

I find it much easier to use my stamps now that they are stored this way - they are much more accessible. 
This pic reminds me ~ I need to use these stamps soon!

I store them in 5x7 plastic sleeves that I found at Staples - and they also have sleeves for 4x6 photos with a smaller pocket if you are looking to store something smaller. 

This leads me to my next area of storage - my Cuttlebug folders! After organizing my stamps, I decided to move my folders to mini binders as well - which Staples carries a line of in all colors for around 6.99 I believe.

Again I use the same plastic sleeves and then put all the binders in another Really Useful Box. Pam from Papillon Digital Designs shared her own stamp organization a few weeks ago - and you can see that here

And finally you may be familiar with my twine storage solution seen below, but in case you are not, you can see the original post on my personal blog here

And those are my best tips and hints for good craft room organization! Well that and capturing an organizing fairy and putting her to work ~ and since I am still looking for her I don't recommend this as a definitive solution. 

So your challenge for today is to organize your stash! Or in lieu of that  - take a picture of your best storage solution and share it here! Happy organizing! 

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