Sunday, November 27, 2011

Use Your Stash: The Lesser Loved Paper

Diane from My Time To Craft here again with a use your stash challenge.

We all have them. Those sheets of scrapbook paper that make us wonder what in the world we were thinking. Maybe you're addicted to paper stacks but some of the paper just isn't to your liking. Maybe you can't pass up the $2.99 price on a package of paper at Tuesday Morning. Whatever the reason, now you have all this paper you're pretty sure you're never going to use, but you don't want to just recycle it. So, what's a girl to do?

Think small.

Many times the paper that we do not love can often be used in small doses on other projects.
In going through my stash, I came across this paper.
I'm pretty sure it came from a stack about four years ago, but I really couldn't figure out what I would use this for...until I looked closer. If I avoided the "water damage" areas, the white speckled areas make for a good snowy sky. So, I took my scalloped circle punch and found just the right area for my project.
I decided I wanted to try making decorative magnets from the flat glass stones in the floral department. On the flat side of one of the stones, I used the smallest amount of Stickles and spread it across the surface. I let it dry completely to prevent the glitter from clumping up once I glued it together.

On the scalloped circle, I added a torn scrap of another blue lesser loved paper for the ground and cut a holly leaf to look like a tree. Out came the Stickles again for some sparkle and a gold pen for a star.
Once everything dried, I added a thin layer of glue to the back of the stone and pieced them together.
Once that dried, I glued a magnet to the back.

So how will you use your lesser loved paper?


  1. This is pretty fabulous. I have a ton of that type of paper laying around too. Thanks for the great idea Diane.

  2. awesome. I have those flat glass stone. and paper. Time to use them