Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magazine Challenge

Hello Everyone :)
Kymberlee here from The Paper Midwife. This is my first post here at Paper Craft Weekend Challenge as I totally spaced off the my original first posting date. OOPS! Allison and Caroline were sweethearts to forgive me AND gave me another chance to redeem myself. I am so blessed to call these ladies friends. For those of you that don't know me, I am having a crafting crisis right now. My brother has taken up temporary residence in my craft studio. This is agonizing for me as my studio is my safe haven in my crazy busy life.

Okay enough with the idle chatter, lets get on to today's challenge which is  - What can YOU do with an old magazine?

I was cleaning up the house today with my husband's "help" and he says "Gee it is too bad you can't find something CRAFTY to do with ALL these magazines your have piled up!" Okay, butt head CHALLENGE ON! By the way... I had TWO magazine sitting beside me (eye roll)

So here is what I did with 1 Old magazine, a pair of scissors and my ATG -

First I ripped the front and back cover off the magazines because with this particular magazine they are a little thicker. Then I tore each individual page out and anything that had GREEN on it I set it to the side in another stack.

I then cut the covers and inserts into a heart shape and layered them for strength. This was my base

I cut the full sheets in half

Then I folded up each strip

and rolled the tri-folded strips into "flowers"

I used my ATG to roll a grid onto my heart shape and then started adding my "flowers"

I used the green pages I set aside to work them into folded "leaves"

Added a bow I fashioned from a pink colorful page and an image I colored

I even found a few butterflies in the pages that I added

HAH! Take that dear husband! And next time he says "Too bad you can't do something crafty with THAT," I am going to roll it up and smack him with it!

I am sure YOU have an old magazine or two laying around.
What can YOU do with it?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wreath Challenge

Hi Everyone!  My name is Elise, a.k.a. Lizzieming and I am so thrilled to be contributing to this wonderful blog.

Today's project is my Valentine's Day Wreath.  I love making home decor projects with paper and wreaths have become my "thing"!  Here is a picture of the ingredients I used to make this project:
As you can see, I used My Mind's Eye Lovenest paper, a styrofoam wreath, ribbon (which I changed after I took this picture LOL), my Epiphany badge maker (for the rosette centers), and straight pins.  I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, totally covering it.  Then I put my Cricut to work....I used Ribbons and Rosettes Cartridge for all of the rosettes, Lyrical Letters for the greeting (Celebrate Love) and I honestly can't remember which cart I used for the hearts, but any heart will do! Here are some pics of the cuts:

As you can see, I arranged the rosettes and the hearts around the wreath until I got it where I liked it.  Use the straight pins to attach to wreath....once they are pushed in, they stay very secure.  I like to use sheer ribbon to hang the wreath.  Here is the finished product!  This one hangs on my front door in between the storm door and the main door so it doesn't get damaged from the elements.
I hope I have inspired you to give this a try....It really is very simple, but packs quite a punch!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Candy Winner

Oh my goodness this is so late it is just unexcusable! But in case you haven't noticed from the new faces you are seeing on a regular basis, this is the craziest time of year for me - I will be working 5-6 days a week and I won't be able to give this blog the attention it deserves so we will be getting a little help from our friends.

So with a little help from the winner of the Designer's Calender cartridge from the Technique Tuesday this month is.....

and that means the winner is ....

Heidi please contact us at so we can get that cartridge out to you! Happy crafting everyone! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When faced with a ....

"When faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will keep striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine, with God's help.”
                                                                                                                   - Robert Half

Hello Readers
This is Pam from Papillon Digital Designs. Thanks Carolyn and Allison for having me on today.
Today's project challenge is doing "Something New/Something inspiring"
I love the above quote as it is especially apt today as not only am I doing a Layout which is not in my comfort zone but my layout subject is Mine - Independence Mine - Alaska.
My layout is an interactive-spinner layout.  I was inspired by hot of the press spinner template. But I did not like the heart and oval shapes that came with. So decided to use cameo for making my own.
Here is the layout

Now I will be garrulous and try to explain both how and why I chose to do what I did as I go along.
First thing I did was make a silhouette file

The white spinner wheel is cut as a template so that you can put a brad and then turn it to mark the frame for the photos on the actual spinner wheel. The frame on the spinner is 1/4 " lesser than the opening on the layout to give it a mat effect ( I used 3x2 photos so the opening on top is 3-1/4" x 2 -1/4". Now these pictures will maybe show what I am talking about better.

So after you come to this stage just attach a foam to the spinner. Make sure if you are using foam dots/pop dots to dust the outer side with powder so that it does not stick to the top of the layout for then it will not spin. Then using a brad assemble the layout.

Now my choice of papers. Since the pictures were more of blues I decided to use a red orange pattern to give a contrast to the pictures. I also decided that the plaid design will kind of give a solid feeling as the subject matter is a mine. That's why I did not round the corners too. But I needed some curves though not dominant but as an accent. So I decided to make a kind of mountain pattern on another pattern paper. 

Now for the embellishments. I took some of the pictures itself and traced it on silhouette studio and cropped it and did a print and cut. I also took some gold coin and silver bar images from online and did the same. I did not find a gold dust bottle souvenir image so decided to make my own using some circles and rounded square. After cutting them out with cameo then for the first time I took out my yourstory and then using a scotch hot  laminating sheet from walmart  - laminated all the cut outs. It gives it a nice sticker effect as I did not want to use glossy accents. Then I took perfect pearls and with some water (for setting the perfect pearls) and brush applied some gold copper and silver color to get a nice shine in some areas. They look lovely at an angle. I also cut some trees and stickled the tree and the title. Then I used a Martha Stewart triangle punch (which I had got from walmart way back) for border and then attached a gold ribbon (Costco) to it. Some metal flowers and leaves and suede leather bows completed the rest . 

Here is a closer look at the layout. I still have to fill in the journaling on the white strips

The interactive part when you spin the wheel (of course you have to cut  a slit in the page protector so that you can spin and maybe also add an arrow and words spin so that the viewer can spin it to see the rest)

So today's challenge on do something new is to do a card or layout which is interactive - be it a spinner like this or an  accordion fold or a hidden tag. One good resource other than the web of course is the book - Magic by Jeanette Lynton.
Thank  you all  for reading
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Run & Jump . . . Use Those Alphabets

Happy Friday everyone!  It's Sabrina from Sabriolet Designs.  I actually had a fairly productive week for once, and hey, I got a lot of crafty projects completed this week.  Go Sabrina!  So today is my day to post the first of your Weekend Challenges.  And here it is - Use those Alphabets!  You know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones you picked up at the craft store because they were just so cute and you had to have them.  If you are anything like me they spend most of their time sitting in a drawer, only occasionally pulled out and even more rarely used.  So, I decided to challenge myself to use some of those alphabets on my page today.  And of course I got carried away and used a bunch more of pre-made embellishments.  But that's what happens when you finally pay attention to what you have!  Here is the page:

My awesome little guy!

So there you have it - pull out those alphabets, those stickers and those rub-ons.  I challenge you to create a project where you don't die cut your titles or words - use your stash!  

Paper:  lilybee design - This & That, Picket Fence, Stationary Pear
Silhouette: scallop borders
Alphabet letters:  Making Memories Puffy Alpha, Creative Imaginations epoxy stickers
Other Embellishments:  October Afternoon, My Mind's Eye Stella & Rose brads

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Use Your Stash - Brads

Diane Miller visiting once again from My Time to Craft. I know you all likely have that stash of brads that you just had to buy and never ended up using. Time to dust them off and put them to use.

I had a stash of button brads that would be cute for baby pages or cards, but we're past that stage, so it's time to do something with them.

I cut the heart card from Wild Card which has a heart made out of holes for stitching on the front. Turns out they're perfect for brads too! I added one bling brad to the top center and used up a large number of brads to fill up the rest of the heart. I then put this over another card to hide the brad backs (the shadow is because it's not glued down yet) and added a sticker of a sentiment (need to use those up too, but that's for another time).

So, what brads to you need to use up?


Friday, January 13, 2012

Use Your Stash - Embossing (Faux Leather)

Hi Everyone.

This is Michelle from Lady of Leisure Ink, making my debut as a guest designer here on Paper Craft Weekend Challenge.  Thank you so much Allison and Caroline for giving me this opportunity.  I really am very new to this whole blogging world, and probably would not have even started my own blog had it not been for some 'threats' (I mean 'encouraging' ) words from a few friends (you know who you are.) All that having been said, let's get on with the challenge.

As tempted as I was to go out and buy something new to try for this post, I stayed true to the theme and used my stash - embossing folders and powders.  Here is my project.

This is not a completely new project, some of you may have seen this purse over on the Cricut message board, but I wanted to revamp it a bit and try a new technique - Faux Leather.  I started with  2 handbag shapes from Kate's ABC's (height 5.09") Use the Gypsy to flip one bag and then weld the bottoms of the bags together with a rectangle from George (height 3.6" and width 1.86")  Here is a screen shot of my Gypsy with the pattern ready to go.

The other pieces to cut out (keeping the same height) are the handles and the handbag flap.  Once all the pieces are cut you need to make an accordion fold on the rectangle like this.

Now we get to the embossing part, take your embossing folder and run each side of the handbag through a cuttlebug/sizzix machine.  I used the 'Bubble' folder, but the 'Mosaic' folder works even better.  Once the hand bag is embossed take an ink pad and randomly rub across the whole bag, including the flap.

Next, cover the one side of the bag with Versamark, sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat set. It is much easier to do this one side at a time.

Attach the handles and flap, (I also used a brad for the 'clasp')  Here is a look at how I finished off the inside (the velcro dots come in very handy for keeping the card closed.)

I hope you will join in the challenge this weekend if you are able, and post your project using the link below.  Thanks once again Allison and Caroline for inviting me in to be guest designer.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Product Challenge

Hard to believe it's already Sunday. This week (and weekend) seems to be flying by so fast. Can't say that I got in as much crafty time as I would have liked this week but I guess that's to be expected my first week back to work after a 2 week vacation.

But I do have to say I was inspired by my crafty friend Elise. She posted this beautiful wreath on the cricut message board last week Elise's wreath (scroll to post #5). Well I don't have the Art Philosophy cartridge and I'm really trying to use my stash. So since I do have the Flower Shoppe cart which I'm loving by the way I thought I could use a flower from there. Of course they aren't exactly the same flower but you still get the same results.

I knew I wanted to do red and pale pink. The key word being PALE pink. Well of course I didn't have the right shade of pink. Okay let me run to the store and get some ...... oh wait I'm supposed to be using my supplies not buying more. For Christmas I ordered some Glimmer Mists

from Blitsy. If you haven't checked them out hop on over to their website. They change their inventory all the time so you want to get it while it's hot. They ship SUPER DUPER fast. I've ordered from them 3 times and had all 3 of my orders within a few days of ordering.

So back to my project .... so a crafty friend suggested why not mist the paper and get the desired color you are looking for. So I took this paper

Front (notice the shimmer on the front side?)

Back (to dull for my liking)

and spritzed the paper (sorry it's hard to see the red paper)

I only spritzed the back of the red paper and then spritzed both sides of the cream paper.

I decided I don't want to make a wreath like Elise cause 150 flowers (which by the way only took her like a few hours to assemble (according to her)) I knew would take me weeks to complete. So I looked around my craft space and found these foam balls that I used for a different project

Silly me thought oh those aren't to large I could knock that out in a day and then I can do a hanging flower ball .... well either I'm the slowest crafter in the world or Elise is super craft woman cause this took me about a week to finish (mind you I didn't have hours to work on it at a time). Here's the finished product (except for the ribbon cause well I haven't decided which one to use yet cause I must use something from my stash)

Being a circle it was definitely hard to count how many flowers I used but I'd estimate there are about 65 flowers on there.

Now get out those glimmer mists (or any other "misting" product) and start creating. If you too were inspired by Elise's project watch out she's a guest designer this month and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us.

Happy crafting!!!!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Sketch Challenge!

Time for some sketches! I kept things simple this month and I may have cheated a teeny bit but I got them done!
Layout Sketch
And the layout.....

I will admit this is an older layout - I did not have time - so I searched through my older layouts for something to use and I decided to pick this one because it uses a bunch of pictures and because I liked how I was able to use pictures from different events in the same layout!

My card sketch is very simple and I hope you all understand that I am just not the best card maker so I find simple is easier for me to wrap my head around.  

I was able to make TWO quick versions of this card since I kept is so simple - and you might recognize some elements of the card!

Do those snowflakes look familiar? They are from my Technique Tuesday post! For the first card I stamped the sentiment on a ribbon and added a gem sticker, while on the second card I added a gem brad and an embossed piece of paper that I pop dotted for some extra dimension.

I hope you are inspired by my simple sketches and not too hurt by my cheating - can't wait to see what you make! Happy crafting!