Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Product Challenge

Hard to believe it's already Sunday. This week (and weekend) seems to be flying by so fast. Can't say that I got in as much crafty time as I would have liked this week but I guess that's to be expected my first week back to work after a 2 week vacation.

But I do have to say I was inspired by my crafty friend Elise. She posted this beautiful wreath on the cricut message board last week Elise's wreath (scroll to post #5). Well I don't have the Art Philosophy cartridge and I'm really trying to use my stash. So since I do have the Flower Shoppe cart which I'm loving by the way I thought I could use a flower from there. Of course they aren't exactly the same flower but you still get the same results.

I knew I wanted to do red and pale pink. The key word being PALE pink. Well of course I didn't have the right shade of pink. Okay let me run to the store and get some ...... oh wait I'm supposed to be using my supplies not buying more. For Christmas I ordered some Glimmer Mists

from Blitsy. If you haven't checked them out hop on over to their website. They change their inventory all the time so you want to get it while it's hot. They ship SUPER DUPER fast. I've ordered from them 3 times and had all 3 of my orders within a few days of ordering.

So back to my project .... so a crafty friend suggested why not mist the paper and get the desired color you are looking for. So I took this paper

Front (notice the shimmer on the front side?)

Back (to dull for my liking)

and spritzed the paper (sorry it's hard to see the red paper)

I only spritzed the back of the red paper and then spritzed both sides of the cream paper.

I decided I don't want to make a wreath like Elise cause 150 flowers (which by the way only took her like a few hours to assemble (according to her)) I knew would take me weeks to complete. So I looked around my craft space and found these foam balls that I used for a different project

Silly me thought oh those aren't to large I could knock that out in a day and then I can do a hanging flower ball .... well either I'm the slowest crafter in the world or Elise is super craft woman cause this took me about a week to finish (mind you I didn't have hours to work on it at a time). Here's the finished product (except for the ribbon cause well I haven't decided which one to use yet cause I must use something from my stash)

Being a circle it was definitely hard to count how many flowers I used but I'd estimate there are about 65 flowers on there.

Now get out those glimmer mists (or any other "misting" product) and start creating. If you too were inspired by Elise's project watch out she's a guest designer this month and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us.

Happy crafting!!!!!



  1. You did a beautiful job on those flowers! I am now drooling and really want some glimmer mist. I have no clue why I have never bought any. I think your flower ball would make a great Valentines or Mother's Day gift. Decorating a bridal shower or wedding with these would be awesome as well!
    (Sorry to be posting as anonymous, but I can't seem to get my comments to post any other way. I'll try and get it figured out.)

  2. Love the Flower Ball Caroline. It has turned out beautiful. TFS

  3. Heidi I had been drooling over glimmer mist for a LONG time and finally bit the bullet and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did. Michael's has perfect pearls which is similar to glimmer mist

  4. Caroline, it's absolutely beautiful. I can see those used for centerpieces for a wedding. It would have to be a small intimate wedding if I made them though that would take me forever.

  5. Wow, Caroline, this turn out beautiful! I love it! I have something like glimmer mist (I think it's a Tim Holtz brand) and Smooch sprays. Never used ANY of them. But someday I might. Thanks for sharing the project. It is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, I think plain red satin ribbon would be perfect(if you're looking for someone to make up your mind for you:)

  6. Love how you turned that foam ball into such a stunning flower ball! It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Caroline!

  7. Those are beautiful! I also have flower shoppe...I should look into that!

  8. Caroline! that ball came out GORGEOUS!!! I love those pins in between the flowers and the shimmer is stunning!

  9. Caroline - this is so beautiful. Off to find my glimmer mists :)

  10. You did a beautiful job. I love glimmer mists!!!


  11. Nancy B..
    You did a beautiful job on the red and pink ball. You should be proud of yourself.

    As far as i got on these flowers were to put in a scrap book.. You must have some patience...

  12. Beautiful - what a great job!


  13. This is really pretty. I love this.

  14. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Amazing job,
    I would love to learn how to make this.