Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magazine Challenge

Hello Everyone :)
Kymberlee here from The Paper Midwife. This is my first post here at Paper Craft Weekend Challenge as I totally spaced off the my original first posting date. OOPS! Allison and Caroline were sweethearts to forgive me AND gave me another chance to redeem myself. I am so blessed to call these ladies friends. For those of you that don't know me, I am having a crafting crisis right now. My brother has taken up temporary residence in my craft studio. This is agonizing for me as my studio is my safe haven in my crazy busy life.

Okay enough with the idle chatter, lets get on to today's challenge which is  - What can YOU do with an old magazine?

I was cleaning up the house today with my husband's "help" and he says "Gee it is too bad you can't find something CRAFTY to do with ALL these magazines your have piled up!" Okay, butt head CHALLENGE ON! By the way... I had TWO magazine sitting beside me (eye roll)

So here is what I did with 1 Old magazine, a pair of scissors and my ATG -

First I ripped the front and back cover off the magazines because with this particular magazine they are a little thicker. Then I tore each individual page out and anything that had GREEN on it I set it to the side in another stack.

I then cut the covers and inserts into a heart shape and layered them for strength. This was my base

I cut the full sheets in half

Then I folded up each strip

and rolled the tri-folded strips into "flowers"

I used my ATG to roll a grid onto my heart shape and then started adding my "flowers"

I used the green pages I set aside to work them into folded "leaves"

Added a bow I fashioned from a pink colorful page and an image I colored

I even found a few butterflies in the pages that I added

HAH! Take that dear husband! And next time he says "Too bad you can't do something crafty with THAT," I am going to roll it up and smack him with it!

I am sure YOU have an old magazine or two laying around.
What can YOU do with it?


  1. Wow Kymberlee - this looks great. I admire how much restraint you have, I would have for sure rolled up the mag and smacked my husband.

  2. Cute! I think that should be his Valentine's gift :-D

  3. It is great! I agree, this should be his V-day gift!

  4. Love all the work that went into making the flowers!