Friday, September 16, 2011

Something New - Ribbon Card

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am!! This Friday's challenge is to try something new! so I decided  to try a new kind of card - and to be honest - I think it came out pretty sad looking. But I am not scared to show you my sad little card - maybe it will inspire you to create something much better! This post should also be called "Why Allison should not make cards"  Onto the sad card:

I was inspired for this card by a beautiful wedding invitation I got in the mail but I am not doing the inspiration justice. I really love the style of this card and yet I have no idea what is called so I am calling it a ribbon card. 

I took a 5 1/2 by 12 inch strip of K and Company kraft patterned cardstock and scored it at 2, 4, 8, and 10 inches. Then I punched some holes with my Big Bite for the ribbon o go through. Here is the card "unfolded" so you can see how it folds to meet in the middle:  

I cut two 3 inch  pears from Preserves and layered them over each other (a pair of pears! - sorry can't help myself sometimes). I adhered them to the front of the card while it was closed and then used a razor to split them down the middle. I was not happy with the way that came out at all so if I were to do it again I probably would cut them first and then apply them to the card. 

Then it was time to put the ribbon in - which is honestly my favorite part.  You loop the ribbon towards the center of the card. 

And then bring the ends through the whole toward the front of the card. 

You can trim the ends if they are too long and then you are done!

So that is my little sad card! While I am not pleased with the way it came out I do like the style so I expect I will be trying it again. I can't wait to see what new things you all try! Happy crafting!



  1. If that's a sad card, I can't wait to see your 'happy' ones - I thinks its adorable.

  2. I like your "sad" little card!

  3. I like it too, Allison! Not so sad!

  4. thanks guys! love the fantabulous projects already!!

  5. I thought I posted before. Nice card Allison

  6. Girl, I like it. I can actually see DH using it for a thank you or even a birthday greeting. You dun good!

  7. Allison this is great. Maybe instead of cutting the image in half, you could leave that one pear uncut and it just goes over the other side by itself? I don't know if I am explaining that very well...

  8. I like the card Allison! I especially like the colors and background paper.

    Okay, I did try something new~ Rub-ons!! I don't know why I've avoided them. But watch out! I think I'll be using them on everything now.

  9. I get what you are saying Michelle!! Good idea- - thanks!

    Love all your projects guys - they rock!!

  10. I hope to have something posted today. Gotta hang with the family first this afternoon before I get to go play in my craftroom!