Friday, October 14, 2011

Use Your Stash - Tags, Eyelet, and Embellishments

You all have my sincere apologies for what may be the lamest challenge ever simply because time ran away from me this week. My daughter's birthday is coming up and I have been making 32 (yep 32) Disney - themed invitations this week. That's right - with all those wonderful Disney layers. So before the men in white coats come to get me - here is this week's challenge!

My daughter also came to me last night while I was hip deep in card stock and said the proverbial dreaded words "I want to make something with you"  - and since I had my Halloween box sitting right next to me I grabbed what was handy and we threw together this project:

I grabbed a pack of Recollections Halloween labels and a pack of the same themed Halloween embellishments, gave her the glue dots (she is an expert), pulled out my crop-o-dile and this is the result! We made the labels into tags for the Halloween goody bags for her class - which (fingers crossed) will show up here next weekend. I always seem to save the tags for the last minute and then not do them, but this year we will be prepared. 

A couple of my favorites:

The point is I got my blog "homework" done and we got to spend some quality crafty time together - so all in all not a bad result for a project that took under a half an hour! So for this weekend's challenge you can choose what you want to use - tags, eyelets, embellishments - OR you can try and use all three - as long as you use what you have. I can't wait to see what you come up with - and I will hope you get more time at it than I did. Happy crafting!


  1. Love the tags - tell your daughter she did a great job :)

  2. Those tags are great and Michelle, your tag s awesome!

  3. Michelle- love your fashionable tag! How fun!!

    Allison- I know about those dreaded words! They translate into "I hope you didn't want to get much done" when they are said at my house. Looks like you and Rose are way better! So cute!