Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Challenge and GIVEAWAY!

Kymberlee from The Paper Midwife posting today.

I am heading off to a crafting retreat and a week away from my family!  This post will have occurred right in the middle of my trip. As per what has become my usual, I am running behind and this has caught me unprepared as I STILL don't have a crafting space! 

Here is my challenge to YOU -

Use the photo as INSPIRATION to make something - ANYTHING. What thoughts or feelings does the photo inspire in you? A color, a layout or card? Some coloring? Organizing or rearranging something? ANYTHING GOES!

Post a photo of whatever you did here and ONE person who posts a photo will win a 
 GIFT CARD to an online vendor of YOUR CHOICE
Random drawing from all photos entered will occur March 4th, 2012



  1. I am not sure how to post a phot here...not seeing a link

  2. I apparently didn't inspire anyone with my photo... so I will have to come up with something really cool and do a fabulous giveaway on my next post here.