Sunday, February 12, 2012

Use your Stash - Color You Own Bling

Hi this is Michelle here from Lady of Leisure Ink.  I prepared this post about a week ago, before I knew what Diane was going to post, and although we both chose to use some bling I think this post will follow on nicely from hers.

We've all got them, probably lots of them, because when we buy them they usually come it big packs!  The 'them' I am referring to are gems - the clear type.  Mini round gems and faceted gems, I have a whole bunch.  But you don't always want clear ones for your project, so how about coloring them for yourself using alcohol inks?

All you need are the gems, some alcohol inks, paper towel and a little patience.

Take the gems and lay them on a piece of kitchen towel (use a craft mat or something else underneath to protect your work surface.)  Then take you alcohol ink and drop a small amount on the gem - you only need a very small amount, the ink will spread over your gem.

It really is as simple as that.  Now this is where the patience kicks in, as you have to wait for the gems to dry before using them on your project.

Here are some others I colored using the clear faceted gems.

The finished project.

So grab those inks and get coloring.  As always, thanks to Caroline and Allison for inviting me to play and, thank you for stopping by - see you next time.



  1. This is such a cute project and a great idea to color the dew drops. Love love the stamp, the coloring and the colors choice. TFS

  2. I love the image and the colored bling!! NICE

  3. What a great looking card! Love what you did with the bling.

  4. what a great idea Michelle! i love that we can match our bling to our projects perfectly!! love your card!