Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Technique Tuesday ~ Crinkle Ribbon

Wow it's already December's Technique Tuesday. where has the time gone? This month we have a really EASY tutorial on how to make crinkle ribbon aka seam binding ribbon. I love the look and feel of the crinkle ribbon. It's very soft looking and not very stiff. There are plenty of sites that sell ribbon already crinkled but for the cost I prefer to buy it and dye it myself.

I purchased rolls from Amazon. I like the eggshell color cause it seems to have a slight ivory tint to it. Make sure you get the rayon seam binding. In order to dye them you will need the following items:

* Seam binding
* Mini Misters
* Liquid Reinkers (I'm using Stampin Up reinkers but any wet ink will work)
* Gloves (if you don't want ink on your hands)
* Freezer paper (or other protective paper (like wax paper))
* Water
* If you want to add a hint of shimmer then you sill need some perfect pearls and some alcohol ink blending solution.

Step 1:
Cut the seam biding for the size you want. It can be a little or a lot. That's the beauty of dying your own ribbon.

Step 2:
Spray the ribbon with a little bit of water. Scrunch the ribbon into a ball.
Step 3:
Fill a mini mister 2/3 of the way with water. Add a few drops of ink to the water. The more drops the darker the color. The less drops the lighter the color. If you want the shimmer add a little scoop to the water/dye mixture. Add a drop or two of alcohol blending solution. It helps bind the shimmer to the water/dye mixture.

Step 4:
Spray the ribbon and use the ribbon to pick up the excess spray on the freezer paper

Step 5:
Scrunch the ribbon in a tight ball

Step 6:
Continue to spray/pick up ink to achieve the color you want

Step 7:
If you want it to dry super fast hit it with your heat gun for a little while. Be sure to move the heat gun around because the ribbon will burn if you leave the heat in one place.
NOTE: If you don't want/have a heat gun leave the seam binding in a ball and let it dry on it's own. Depending how much water/dye you used will depend on how long it takes to dry.

Continue the stops above for additional colors. If you want to mix colors start with the lighter color and then apply the darker color and use as little or as much as you want.

Another way to dye the ribbon if you want a darker color start with your water/dye mixture to get a base color

then add a few drops of ink directly the to paper you are working on

Then use your ribbon to pick up the ink but be sure to do it slowly as to not get to much color in one spot

Here are the completed colors.

Now in traditional with our Technique Tuesday tutorials you can win some crinkle ribbon. You can either have it dyed or you can have un-dyed ribbon so you can dye it yourself. All you need to do is leave a comment here. Winner will be announced on Tuesday December 13th.


  1. I love crinkle ribbon, and this is such a good idea. Thanks for the tut!!

  2. WOW! What perfect timing for this tutorial as I've been trying to find some of the white/ivory seam binding so I can play with it & make my own colors!! Thanks for the instructions & the chance to win!

  3. Love it! Great tutorial Caroline. You make it look so easy. Where do you find the Seam binding?

  4. Love how yours turned out. Great tutorial. I love it. TFS

  5. I just bought some of this seam binding but haven't done anything with it yet. Now, thanks to you, I'll know how!

  6. Yes, it looks very easy. I have re-inkers I've never used so I think that means I need some of this seam binding.....so I hope I win!!!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial, Caroline. Awesome job as usual!

  7. I so need to try this! Yours turned out great!

  8. Love it!!! Now if I could be the winner the prize be some extra time...wouldn't that be great? OK, we'll let everyone win & we all get some crafty time :)))

  9. I agree with Sherry...we need to win some EXTRA TIME ;)

  10. OOOOOOHHHHHH I love this. Thanks Caroline, great tutorial. (Now off to the store to buy some seam binding.)

  11. Awesome tutorial!! TFS!!
    Sherrie K

  12. I am adding this to my list of MUST DO...eventually