Friday, December 16, 2011

Theme Challenge - Holiday

Happy Friday! Is anyone else beginning to be in a dead panic that Christmas is just over a week away? My hand is up!! I decided to make this week's theme "holiday" and not just Christmas because I don't want to limit what you can do! So any holiday would count for this challenge! My daughter must have learned about Kwaanza today because she came home asking if we were going to celebrate that too this year.

I decided to share with you a simple tag I created for a Cricut Circle swap (right before they snipped off my antennae) so if you are a Circlet friend I will apologize that this is not new to you. I am getting excited that the time to finally use my tags from that swap is here! Now only if I can bear to part with them - some I just want to keep and look at!

I started with a kraft paper base and then because these were made for a swap I didn't want to mess with adhesive or even bust out my trusty Xyron, so I decided to use vinyl - adhesive included and my problem was solved! The tag shape is from Winter Frolic and cut out at 5 inches. The poinsettas are from the Christmas solutions cart and that cut is 2.30 inches. I believe I did not cut out the middle layer, choosing instead to replace it with some heat set gems which always seems like a good idea until I am in the middle of having to put a million of them on. Apparently I wasn't a big enough glutton for punishment because I also added metal heat set studs to the ends of the scrolls too. I am thinking I must have more patience for Christmas in the summer than in December!

I hope you are inspired to share your holiday projects with us - they don't even have to be new! I think it would be nice to have a spot to get those last minute ideas! I sure as heck will need them! Happy crafting and happy holidays!


  1. This is great Allison - I took part in the swap too and I am loving using these tags.

  2. Love the tag Allison and yeah linking old projects ! Love that as I dont have to cut up my pretty paper!

  3. Your tag is lovely - I like the use of vinyl :) Oldies are goodies, too!